S01: Advances in Integrative Cardiology: State of the Science

Stephen Devries1, James  Dalen4, Michael Davidson3, Mary Jo Kreitzer3, Gulshan Sethi4

1Northwestern University, USA; 2University of Chicago, USA; 3University of Minnesota, USA; 4 University of Arizona, USA


Cardiology is generally regarded as a high technology specialty with strong emphasis on medication and procedures.  Nevertheless, because heart disease arises from a complex spectrum of inputs, it is ideally suited for prevention and management using an integrative approach.     Topics to be discussed represent the full spectrum of an integrative approach including research updates on: nutritional and non-prescription therapies for prevention of cardiovascular disease, new insights into the pharmacologic properties of novel omega-3 preparations, the role of integrative approaches in optimizing results in cardiovascular surgery, and an overview of the most recent  data describing the role of mind/body interactions in cardiovascular health and disease.