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Exploring the Timbre of Leadership for Integrative Healthcare

09:00 - 12:00, Hibiscus B, Terrace Level

Annie Nedrow (1), Adam Perlman (1), Linda Smith (1)


(1): Duke Integrative Medicine, United States


The field of integrative healthcare is maturing. Increased recognition of integrative health as a specialty is anticipated with upcoming standards for training and board certification. A perfect storm is forming based on increasing dissatisfaction with the current disease-based model of medical care, the current unsustainable financial model and aging of the population to fuel further interest in integrative healthcare both within delivery systems as well as the corporate environment. Leadership training specific to integrative healthcare requires a compatible paradigm and is essential to meet the growing demands for the field. Timbre is defined as tone color or quality; the essence that allows a guitar to sound different than a piano when playing the same note and volume. Integrative healthcare needs to define its unique timbre of transformative leadership both for the individual and for the organization. This workshop will offer a comprehensive exploration into what leadership timbre consistent with integrative healthcare values and vision encompasses. It will provide a start for individuals or organizations looking to build consistent leadership qualities within their organization that align with integrative healthcare to build authenticity and integrity from leadership to process to outcomes. The workshop will unfold through the five aspects of leadership, from the individual level to sustainability in succession. Sufficient time for discussion, input and feedback is assured. Come join us for an unforgettable experiential and didactic day of leadership development.