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Where Wellness Meets Technology: A Hands on Workshop for Faculty and Students

14:00 - 17:00, Brickell South, Terrace Level

Paula Gardiner (1), Robin Friedlander (2), Robert Bonadkar (3)


(1): Boston Medical Center, Boston University School of Medicine, United States

(2): Rutgers University, United States

(3): Scripps Health, San Diego, United States


In a today’s stressful and high paced medical system, the risk for burnout in our trainees and faculty is high. Many academic medical systems implement wellness curriculum for students at all levels of training. Technology offers novel ways to approach teaching wellness curriculum to students and faculty. This interactive workshop discusses new electronic applications (smart phone applications and internet websites) that introduce the principles of wellness and self-care to students and faculty. Through a firsthand experience of cutting edge technology, participants will learn what is hot on the market, the pros and cons to using technology to teach wellness, and practical tips about introducing technology into a teaching setting.  We will also discuss evaluation strategies of students who elect to use technology in their self-care plans.