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S07: NCCAM's Strategic Priorities for Funding Clinical Trials

12:15 - 13:15, Brickell, Terrace Level

Wendy Weber (1), Emmeline Edwards (1), Kristen Huntley (1), Dale Birkle Dreer (1), Robyn Bent (1)

(1): National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, United States 


A significant proportion of NCCAM’s extramural research portfolio includes clinical research projects and specifically clinical trials. Similar to other NIH institutes and centers, NCCAM wants our clinical research portfolio to reflect the center’s current strategic priorities in allocating funding resources where they can be most impactful with rigorous clinical designs. In the last year, NCCAM has critically examined the clinical research portfolio and developed a strategy to encourage clinical trials that align with NCCAM’s priorities. This symposium will provide an overview of the challenges NIH and NCCAM have encountered with funded clinical trials, including participant recruitment and retention, costs, inadequate timeframe, and failure to publish. Presenters will describe the range of clinical trials that investigators can pursue from intervention refinement, to efficacy studies, to dissemination and implementation of effective treatments. NCCAM’s priorities for clinical trials will be highlighted. NCCAM Program Officials will describe the available funding opportunities for clinical trials and the process for submitting large clinical trials. The NCCAM Review Officer will provide an overview of the review criteria that are applied to clinical trials. The presentation will help the audience determine which funding opportunity is the best fit for the stage of research (and the level of evidence) they are proposing. A representative from the Office of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs will discuss available resources for planning and implementing clinical trials, including NCCAM’s Clinical Research Toolbox and the NCCAM on-site clinical monitoring program. Ample time will be reserved for a panel discussion to answer questions about the overall NCCAM strategy for clinical trials.