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S13: Steps to Support a Patient Safety Culture: Lessons Learned from the SafetyNET Team

13:30 - 14:30, Orchid CD, Terrace Level

Katherine A. Pohlman (1), Maeve O'Beirne (2), Heather Boon (3)

(1): University of Alberta, Canada                                                          

(2): University of Calgary, Canada

(3): University of Toronto, Canada



An interdisciplinary multi-jurisdictional team of leaders in patient safety and spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) research including expertise in qualitative methods, community-based safety, active surveillance, and epidemiology will describe lessons learned from a wide range of inter-related projects. Safety Culture can be described as a pyramid-style conceptual model that needs balance between each of the four stacked layers, with Safety Values at the bottom, followed by Safety Strategies and Safety Climate, and topping the pyramid is Safety Performance. Different methodological approaches (case, survey, qualitative, and quasi-experimental analysis) that have been utilized by SafetyNET can provide a complete picture of a profession’s patient safety culture. Take home messages highlighted throughout this very interactive presentation and discussion will facilitate practitioners and/or regulatory bodies from any discipline to achieve their individual safety goals.