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S21: Peer Review or How to Prepare Competitive Applications

12:15 - 13:15, Brickell, Terrace Level

Peter Kozel (1), Dale Brikle Dreer (1), Martina Schmidt (1), Hungyi Shau (1)

(1): National Institutes of Health (NIH),  National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), United States  



The peer review process is an essential step in the path the NIH and other funding sources follow to identify and select grant applications for funding.  The evaluative meetings at which the scientific merit of applications are assessed are usually closed to the public.  However, understanding the peer review process, its outcomes, and how to respond to those outcomes are key skills for investigators to master if they wish to become successful applicants. This workshop will use the NIH peer review process as a model to provide participants with an inside perspective on the review process and provide guidance on to prepare competitive grant applications to the NIH and other funding sources in a highly challenging funding climate. Aspects addressed include: a description of the review process; differences in review criteria between different mechanisms; timelines for preparing and submitting applications; common applicant mistakes and how to avoid them; and guidance on how respond to previous reviewers’ comments in your revised application will be provided.  Recent changes and updates to the NIH application and review processes will also be discussed. Participants will leave this workshop being better prepared to develop and submit competitive grant applications to NIH and other funding sources.  This workshop is relevant to scientists and clinicians at all career stages, from graduate students submitting individual fellowship applications, to full professors and deans submitting multicomponent Center grants.