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S25: Teaching the Art and Science of Mind-Body Medicine to Military Healthcare Students

14:45 - 15:45, Orchid CD, Terrace Level

Katherine Smith (1), Dawn Wallerstedt (1)

(1): Samueli Institute, United States                                                       



This workshop will focus on effectively teaching the art and science of mind-body skills to medical, nursing, and allied health students in a military teaching institution. Using recent experiences with four cohorts of Army, Navy, and Air Force students at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences (UHUHS), we will demonstrate how to acquire “buy-in” and engage students in effectively learning mind-body skills for personal self-care and patient care, topics not customarily included in military or medical settings.  Workshop participants will see how to weave storytelling, experiential exercises and interactive demonstrations (the Art) with physiology, science, and research (the Science).  We will share techniques and evaluation results from four unique mind-body educational modules delivered in 2012-2013 to masters and doctoral level health students.