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S32: Computerized Diagnoses in Traditional Eastern Medicine

10:30 - 12:00, Jasmine, Terrace Level

Jaeuk Kim (1), Sang-Hoon Shin (2), Seok-Jae Ko (3), Keun Ho Kim (1), Dong Hyun Nam (2), Takao Namiki (4)

(1): Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, South Korea          

(2): Sangji University, South Korea

(3): Kyung Hee University, South Korea

(4): Chiba University, Japan


Recently, the four diagnostic methods in traditional Eastern medicine (TEM), which are inspection, inquiry, auscultation and smelling, and palpation, are emerging fields of research and development. Especially, computerized palpation and tongue diagnosis (inspection) are the two most active research fields; some electronic devices are already in the market and dozens of articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals every year to improve the performance of electronic devices or to validate the clinical usage. In ISO TC 249, an international standardization project on electronic pulse diagnostic device launched two years ago and another project on electronic tongue diagnostic device is to be launched sooner or later. In this symposium, reflecting those international activities, we present recent research activities on computerized diagnostic devices in TEM with special focus on palpation and tongue diagnoses. We discuss palpation and pulse diagnosis in the first half and discuss tongue diagnosis in the second half. First, Dr. Jaeuk Kim will discuss his recent contributions to the development of Pulse Quality algorithms with focus on the assessment methods of the Pulse Depth. Second, Dr. Sang-Hoon Shin will discuss his progress in the development of the cardiovascular simulator that is applicable for pulse diagnosis study. Third, Dr. Seok-Jae Ko will discuss the reliability and validity of the algometer when it is used as a diagnostic method of Korean abdominal examination. In the second half of the symposium, Dr. Keun Ho Kim will discuss the color features on the tongue surface in sleep disorder and evacuation disorder subjects. Subsequently, Dr, Dong Hyun Nam will discuss the evaluation results of tongue coat weight using ultraviolet fluorescence. Finally, Dr. Takao Namiki will propose a novel non-contact method to measure tongue moisture and discuss the development of tongue imaging system that can separately record gloss component.