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Oral Abstract 10: Clinical Research: Integrative and Mind-Body Interventions

14:45 - 15:45, Brickell, Terrace Level

Chairs: Gloria Yeh 


14:45 - 15:00    

OA10.01: Integrative Medicine Group Visits: A Feasibility Study to Manage Complex Chronic Pain Patients in an Underserved Inner City Clinic 
Paula Gardiner, Danielle Dresner, Katherine Gergen Barnett, Ekaterina Sadikova, Robert Saper    


15:00 - 15:15    

OA10.02: From Community Need to Classroom Intervention: Fuel for Learning - A Nutrition/Stress Reduction Intervention Delivered via DVD 
Maryanna Klatt, Gail Kaye    


15:15 - 15:30    

Mind in Labor: Effects of Mind/Body Training on Childbirth Appraisals and Pain Medication Use During Labor 
Larissa Duncan, Michael Cohn, Maria Chao, Joseph Cook, Jane Riccobono, Nancy Bardacke    OA10.03


15:30 - 15:45    

OA10.04: Increases in Mindful Eating Predict Reductions in Consumption of Sweets and Desserts: Data from the Supporting Health by Integrating Nutrition and Exercise (SHINE) Clinical Trial 
Ashley E. Mason, Jennifer Daubenmier, Patricia J. Moran, Jean Kristeller, Mary Dallman, Robert H. Lustig, Michael Acree, Peter Bacchetti, Barbara Laraia, Elissa S. Epel, Frederick M. Hecht