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Oral Abstract 09: Clinical Trials

14:45 - 15:45, Ashe Auditorium, Third Floor

Chairs: Jun Mao and Claudia Witt


14:45 - 15:00    

OA09.01 LB: Mindfulness training versus sleep hygiene for insomnia symptoms in older adults: A randomized controlled comparison trial 
David Black, Eileen Luders, Elizabeth Breen, Richard Olmstead, Irwin Michael    

15:00 - 15:15    

 OA09.02 LB: A randomized controlled trial of a mindfulness-based intervention for metabolic health in obese adults 
Jennifer Daubenmier, Elissa Epel, Patricia Moran, Jean Kristeller, Michael Acree, Peter Bacchetti, Margaret Kemeny, Mary Dallman, Robert Lustig, Carl Grunfeld, Douglas Nixon, Jeffery Milush, Veronica Goldman, Michaela Kiernan, Susan Noworolski, Barbara Laraia, Frederick Hecht   

15:15 - 15:30    

OA09.03: Preliminary Clinical Trial of Integrative Therapy for Patients with Severe Tinnitus: Findings from an NIDCD-funded R21 
Ruth Wolever, Natalia Dmitrieva, Rebecca Price, Garrett Hazelton, Elizabeth Bechard, Amy Walker, Debara Tucci    

15:30 - 15:45    

 OA09.04: Management of Gulf War Syndrome Symptoms with Acupuncture: Findings of a Wait-list Controlled RCT 
Lisa Conboy, Meredith St. John, Rosa Schnyer