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Oral Abstract 08: Research Methodology

13:30 - 14:30, Flagler, Terrace Level

Chairs: Wayne Jonas and Suzanna Zick


13:30 - 13:45    

OA08.01: Improving the Patient-reported Outcome Experience for Participants and PI’s: Feasibility and Validity of PROMIS 
Angela Senders, Douglas Hanes, Dennis Bourdette, Ruth Whitham, Lynne Shinto    


13:45 - 14:00    

OA08.02: Mixed Methods in CAM Research: A Systematic Review of Studies Published in 2012 
Felicity Bishop, Michelle Holmes    

14:00 - 14:15    

OA08.03: Measuring the Healing Context in CAM: Progress on Developing Patient-Reported Measures of Nonspecific Contributors to Treatment Outcome. 
Carol Greco, Lan Yu, Nathan Dodds, Kelly Johnston, Ronald Glick, Natalia Morone, Michael Schneider, Mary Lou Klem, Neal Ryan, Paul Pilkonis    

14:15 - 14:30  

OA08.04: Determinants of Responders in a Dose-Response Trial of Spinal Manipulation for the Care of Chronic Low Back Pain 
Darcy Vavrek, Mitchell Haas, David Peterson, Moni Neradilek, Nayak Polissar